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Optinova Group OIC 2021 Summer Interns

Operspective 30.09.2021

Meet our 2021 Optinova Innovation Center summer interns


Operspective 23.09.2021

Will remote work stay or go after Covid-19? An Optinova’s perspective


Operspective 15.09.2021

Why do you need to know about polymer thermal transitions?


Operspective 01.09.2021

Optinova appoints Allan Boye as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


Operspective 23.08.2021

Co-extrusion: Why, What and How?


Operspective 16.08.2021

Why do we work with thermoplastic elastomers?


Operspective 04.08.2021

How do we ensure the fastest delivery time to our customers?


Operspective 15.07.2021

Can you tell the difference between polymer and plastic?


Operspective 13.07.2021

How does co-creation work in extrusion?


Product News 30.06.2021

Optinova’s PTFE Dielectric Coaxial Core


Product News 23.06.2021

Optinova’s Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing


Product News 16.06.2021

High-speed extrusion: When speed matters!


Product News 09.06.2021

Optinova’s FEP Coil

Sustabile Development

Operspective 05.06.2021

Optinova Group releases Global Supplier Sustainability Brochure


Product News 02.06.2021

Optinova’s Dual Layer Tubing


Product News 26.05.2021

Optinova’s Groundwater Sampling Tubing


Product News 19.05.2021

Optinova’s PTFE HD Liner

CEO Anders Wiklund and CCO Annette Höglund RT4

Operspective 12.05.2021

Are you Optinova’s next CCO?

The crew of OVF2

Operspective 05.05.2021

Optinova opens Optinova Valley Forge, a 95 000 sqft production plant in Pennsylvania, USA

Y-kateter gr+Ân bakgrund kort sk+ñrpedjup_not

Product News 21.04.2021

Optinova celebrates 50 years of IV Catheter extrusion knowledge and expertise


Product News 14.04.2021

Standard medical grade FEP heat shrink immediately available from Danbury, CT, USA

Optinova slang-110517-1916

Product News 08.04.2021

Optinova’s Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Lead Tubing


Product News 25.03.2021

New extrusion lines to Optinova’s production plant in Thailand

8.3.2021 Optinova UN SDG 5 Gender Equality

Operspective 08.03.2021

Optinova celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

OptinovaGroup_Coltex_eptfe_joint_sealant_tape_b_56I7263 copy

Product News 01.03.2021

Optinova’s Coltex™ ePTFE Joint Sealant

1974 Habia Group Conference

Operspective 25.02.2021

Optinova celebrates 50 years in extrusion

Multilumen tubing

Operspective 15.02.2021

Optinova Group releases Sustainability Report 2020


Product News 08.02.2021

Optinova’s FEP Lamp Coating Heat Shrink


Product News 29.01.2021

Optinova’s Industrial Heat Shrink Tubing Solutions


Product News 20.01.2021

Optinova’s FEP Tubing


Product News 13.01.2021

Optinova’s PTFE Tubing


Operspective 16.12.2020

Optinova at SteelFMHjälpen on 19. December 2020 at 10:00 UTC+2

Hall 7 Live Inaugural Ceremony

Operspective 10.12.2020

Hall 7 Live Inaugural Ceremony on 16. December 2020 at 13:00 CET


Operspective 20.11.2020

Optinova is setting up manufacturing again in the US


Operspective 18.11.2020

Optinova Live Hub on 24. November 2020 at 13:00 CET


Operspective 06.11.2020

A second wave looms, Optinova remains ready to supply

Optinova Godby

Operspective 30.10.2020

Optinova appoints a new Plant Manager for Optinova Godby


Operspective 21.10.2020

Optinova attending Virtual Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2020

Optinova donated 40 000 face masks 2

Operspective 08.10.2020

Optinova and Orkla donated 40 000 face masks to the Government of Åland

PFA tube with red cap

Product News 21.09.2020

Optinova’s Delitube™ Food, Nutrition & Beverage Tubing

Optinova Agility Leadership Principle

Operspective 15.09.2020

We have a winner! – Optinova’s Customer of the Year Award 2020


Product News 14.09.2020

Optinova’s ETFE Tubing

Optinova Day of the Future August 2020

Operspective 04.09.2020

What does the future hold for Optinova?


Operspective 24.08.2020

Hall 7 – The world’s most modern extrusion hall


Operspective 10.08.2020

Join Optinova and make global difference locally

Åland Waive

Operspective 04.08.2020

Is Optinova a great place to work?


Product News 24.07.2020

Optinova’s MFA Tubing

PFA tube with red cap

Product News 17.07.2020

Optinova’s PFA Tubing


Operspective 12.06.2020

Hall 7 – A new horizon for quality control at Optinova

Y-kateter gr+Ân bakgrund kort sk+ñrpedjup_not

Product News 09.06.2020

Optinova’s Optinfusion™ Advanced IV Catheter Tubing TPU/FEP/PTFE


Product News 14.05.2020

Optinova’s advanced liquid and gas handling tubing solutions


Product News 06.05.2020

Optinova’s FEP Medical Grade Heat Shrink Tubing


Operspective 05.05.2020

20.000 N-95 face masks that Optinova helped acquire are approved by VTT and delivered to ÅHS


Operspective 30.04.2020

Optinova is helping ÅHS and TYKS with PPE, the first deliveries have arrived in Åland


Operspective 23.04.2020

Good news from Optinova: We are in full capacity to supply!


Operspective 07.04.2020

From “need” to “use” within days!


Operspective 18.03.2020

Optinova Group Information to Partners and Customers during Covid-19 outbreak


Operspective 13.01.2020

Euro Expo in Uppsala Sweden


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