Optinova Group Appoints Petra Heinonen as Chief People Officer

Operspective 29.05.2023

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Optinova is pleased to announce that Petra Heinonen, a seasoned HR leader within our own ranks, has been appointed as Chief People Officer (CPO), Optinova Group, effective May 15, 2023. This newly established position in our executive team emphasizes our unwavering dedication to considering people and culture as an imperative and vital part of our long-term strategy.

As a long-standing member of our Optinova team, Petra brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of our company culture and values. With extensive experience in HR leadership and talent management, coupled with our unwavering commitment to supporting individuals in reaching their full potential, she is an ideal choice for the role of Chief People Officer.

Rom Mendel, CEO, Optinova Group, expressed his excitement about Petra’s appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Petra Heinonen to our executive team as the Chief People Officer. At Optinova, we are committed to building an organization that cares for its employees and in which people thrive, learn and develop. Petra, with her background and experience, will help us build this organization.”

Petra’s educational background in psychology, organizational development, and extensive HR knowledge, combined with her experience at Optinova Godby, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the HR needs of the organization. “My education and work experience have always revolved around supporting people to reach their potential,” shared Petra. “Having previously served as the HR Director at Optinova Godby and being a part of its management group, I have gained valuable insights into the HR needs of our organization on both strategic and operational levels.”

Petra shared her vision for her role as Chief People Officer, stating, “As we continue to grow, my primary focus will be on enabling the development of our employees across the entire organization.” The ability to identify and nurture talent in our strategically important areas holds the highest priority. In her new role, Petra will strive to enhance the employee experience and cultivate an environment that encourages diversity, collaboration, and innovation. Petra emphasized, “I firmly believe that Optinova’s continuous success heavily relies on an organizational culture that places value on employees, entrusts them with accountability, and equips them with the essential tools and knowledge to grow and excel.”

For media inquiries, please contact Rom Mendel, Chief Executive Officer, Optinova Group, rom.mendel@optinova.com

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