Optinova suspends all businesses with the Russian Federation

Operspective 25.02.2022

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Optinova suspends all businesses with the Russian Federation

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In the wake of Russia’s unprecedented military aggression against Ukraine, Optinova today announced our decision to suspend all businesses conducted with the Russian Federation until further notice.

The CEO of Optinova Group, Anders Wiklund, has convened an urgent meeting of the Group Management today to discuss the crisis and amend our current Trade Directive to include the Russian Federation in our list of black-listed countries. This inclusion means that we will immediately suspend business engagements with all companies and organizations based in the Russian Federation, including their subsidiaries abroad.

Optinova condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military actions against Ukraine. By imposing force and coercion on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, Russia is grossly breaching international law and undermining European and global security.

We are appalled by the gross violation of human rights, the loss of life and the human suffering caused by this military aggression. We stand firmly by Ukraine and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people as they face this unparalleled crisis.

We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days to evaluate possible business decisions and public statements that are needed to address the reality as it unfolds.

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