Optinova’s Groundwater Sampling Tubing

Product News 26.05.2021

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Follow us on social media to get instant updates about Optinova and our offerings!

Optinova’s Groundwater Sampling Tubing is a part of our Dual Layer Tubing solutions portfolio. The inner layer of Groundwater Sampling Tubing is made from premium FEP to comply with FDA21 CFR 177.1550 and NSF51. High quality resin allows the liner to be unaffected by most chemicals and the jacket is mechanically enhanced.

Key advantages:

  • Multi-layer construction
  • Good chemical resistance at inner liner
  • Physical toughness of outer jacket
  • Cost efficient solution due to unique jacketing process
  • No plasticizer used (no fluid leaching)
  • Ideal for VOC testing in groundwater
  • Complies with EPA SESDPROC-301-R1f experience


  • Inert FEP ensures the purity of the water sample and outer jacket made of LDPE supports the structure but keeps it flexible.
  • More cost-effective than full FEP tubing and can be supplied with additional armor over the LDPE to prevent external damage

Our tubing is available in all standard sizes between ID 1,6 mm (1/8″) and 12,7 mm (1/2″), however custom dimensions can be made upon request. While our production lengths are standard, we can also produce long continuous length to meet your requirements.

Groundwater Sampling Tubing

Dual Layer Tubing

Dual Layer Tubing consists of an inner and outer layer, i.e. liner and jacket. Various resins can be used for both layers to achieve unique material properties. Our tubing can be made FDA compliant.

Industrial Tubing

Optinova offers the most customizable tubing, extruded from PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVdF, MFA and PEEK. We can accomodate to virtually any size and profile, with deliveries available across the globe.


We take pride in being the top-of-mind polymer extrusion partner of over 1 000 customers. Founded in 1971, we currently operate four manufacturing plants in Finland, Thailand and the US.


Contact our global sales offices for more information about sample and product specifications.