Optinova and Orkla donated 40 000 face masks to the Government of Åland

Operspective 08.10.2020

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Optinova donated 40 000 face masks 2

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Optinova has collaborated with Orkla to donate another batch of 40 000 type IIR face masks to the Government of Åland. The face masks are tested by a European laboratory and given a CE mark for meeting EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection. This donation is another planned effort of ours to support local communities in the fight against Covid-19.

Optinova has supported local authorities in Finland in acquiring medical equipment since the start of the pandemic. In April, we helped the public sectors in Åland and Turku to secure 30 000 face shields, 120 000 N-95 face masks, and 22 intensive care monitors, using our global supply network.

“We are very grateful that Optinova has stepped up to help us with this preparation, their genuine intention has really made a big difference to not only safeguarding the health of our staff but also the patients. Now, we are in an even better shape if the situation worsens”, said Jeanette Pajunen, Health and Medical Director of Åland Hospital.

In fact, as a leading producer of advanced medical tubing, we understand that we have a great responsibility in making sure that our production lines are stable, and we are ready to supply in a crisis. Being aware of that responsibility, we have implemented several precaution measures that protect our staff from cross-infection and keep the production lines running.

As Anna-Maija Henrikkson, Finland’s Minister of Justice, emphasized once again during her visit to our Godby factory in Åland, “Production is extremely important for both Finland and globally to allow us to win a battle against the virus. Critical personnel of critical suppliers, like Optinova, are exempted from the quarantine rules in order to guarantee production”.

The acknowledgment that we received from local and national governments has allowed us to continue taking part in the global fight against Covid-19. Now, as the second wave of infections is looming, we have reached out again to local authorities to offer our support. We have donated another 40 000 type IIR face masks which we donated to the Government of Åland to be distributed to residents, hospitals, busses, and public places. This time, we collaborated with our friends at Orkla.

Being a critical player of the global extrusion industry and pride of Åland, as Mrs. Henriksson warmly expressed during the visit, bears a great responsibility. At Optinova we are always ready to do our part in making sure that our employees are healthy, and the local societies are thriving. By working together, we garner great strengths that will help us overcome this extraordinary time as we rise stronger and quicker over the crisis.

Please read our press release for more details.

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