Optinova’s PTFE Dielectric Coaxial Core

Product News 30.06.2021

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Follow us on social media to get instant updates about Optinova and our offerings!

Optinova supplies PTFE Dielectric Coax Core as a component to manufacturers of flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cables. Conductors are stranded or solid silver-plated copper or copper weld. Dielectric values are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable as specified by the cable producer.

Longer lengths are available thanks to ultra-long extruders. Our coaxial core solution is designed for superior dielectric and dimensional performance and control. A variety of conductors are available for this product.

Available in all standard sizes and dimensions, our high-performance fluoropolymer tubing can also be customized to meet your unique needs to ensure maximum protection, reliability, and performance.

Key advantages

  • Longer length means less scrap during cable manufacturing
  • Higher yields and more electrically stable cable constructions
  • 83% minimum dielectric concentricity


High performance flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cables are used in both military and commercial wireless communication systems and other high frequency test and measurement equipment.

PTFE Dielectric Coaxial Core

PTFE Dielectric Coaxial Core

PTFE Dielectric Coaxial Core can be ordered at extraordinary lengths thanks to our newest ultra-long extruders. The tubing stands out for its excellent dielectric performance and dimensional control.

Industrial Tubing

Optinova offers the most customizable tubing, extruded from PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVdF, MFA and PEEK. We can accomodate to virtually any size and profile, with deliveries available across the globe.


We take pride in being the top-of-mind polymer extrusion partner of over 1 000 customers. Founded in 1971, we currently operate four manufacturing plants in Finland, Thailand and the US.


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