Optinova announce the passing of founder Obi Jacobson

Operspective 16.01.2023

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Obi Jacobson, founder of the Optinova Group, on December 16, 2022, at the age of 82.

Obi was a highly influential figure in the advanced polymer extrusion industry, known for his innovative solutions and contributions to various sectors, including medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and energy.

Obi was a true pioneer in his field and was instrumental in establishing Optinova and Scantube (acquired by Optinova in 2015) as leading providers of polymer extrusion services worldwide. His knowledge and expertise in advanced polymers, particularly fluoropolymers, were unmatched. As Jan-Owe Mattson, Senior Advisor at the Optinova Innovation Center, stated, “Obi’s innovations regarding colors for fluoropolymers was a major milestone in the development of our fluoropolymer colorization process. “

Obi was not only an expert in his field, but also a kind and caring leader. He was respected and valued by his colleagues for his down-to-earth personality and consideration for employee well-being.

With Obi’s support and leadership, Optinova acquired ScanTube in 2015, significantly increasing its global footprint and product portfolio. “Throughout my working life, I’ve had the pleasure of launching several companies around the world. Two of the ones that I am most proud of are Optinova and ScanTube. When these two joined forces in 2015, it felt like the circle was closed, and the family was reunited,” said Obi Jacobson during Optinova’s acquisition of ScanTube in 2015.

Today, the Optinova Group is a global partner for advanced extrusion solutions, with production plants and a supply network around the world. Obi also cultivated a corporate culture of innovation, quality, service, and partnership that has earned Optinova numerous awards and recognition from partners and customers throughout its history.

Obi played an important role in developing Åland as a global center for advanced polymer extrusion and created hundreds of jobs for the local community. He also laid the foundation for the establishment of a polymer extrusion plant in Chonburi, Thailand, now Optinova Thailand (formerly ScanTube Thailand). Optinova Thailand today employs over 200 people.

“Obi was a very intelligent and generous leader,” said Korpong Vattavoravet, Plant Manager, Optinova Thailand. “He was the founding father of Optinova Thailand, as well as the advanced polymer extrusion industry in the region.”

Obi was also dedicated to giving back to his community. He made significant contributions to charitable organizations and local amenities, including the building of a tennis court in Vassunda, Knivsta, Sweden.

Obi’s passion for the polymer extrusion industry began long before the establishment of Optinova (formerly Godby Plast in 1971) and ScanTube (in 1985). He worked tirelessly to establish the company and provide solutions that enabled innovation and enhanced lives. He was a dedicated, caring, and determined leader who overcame many challenges to solve real-world problems over the course of his career.

Obi’s legacy will continue to live on through the Optinova Group and the Jacobson family. Rom Mendel, CEO, Optinova Group praised Obi for having a “tremendous impact on the advancement of polymer extrusions, but more importantly, on the great contributions to local communities across the world through his leadership.” Obi will be remembered and honored for the legacy he has left that enables continuous developments at the Optinova Group.

Obi was born on February 6, 1940 and lived in Knivsta, Sweden.

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