Mr. Rom Mendel appointed new CEO of Optinova

Operspective 17.08.2022

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Follow us on social media to get instant updates about Optinova and our offerings!

The Optinova Board of Directors has appointed Rom Mendel to be the new CEO of the Optinova Group following a recruitment process during the spring and summer.

Rom brings an international background and a long experience from global manufacturing companies mainly in MedTech where he has held senior leadership positions, including the Managing Director of Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB. His leadership has a strong emphasis on culture, collaboration, and people as well as commercial and operational excellence.

The Board is of the opinion that Rom will strengthen the organization, and we look forward to working with Rom and together with him and the rest of the organization continue to develop the company forward.

Rom will be joining Optinova by October 3rd. Rom lives in Sweden but will allocate his time to the organization globally. Rom is fluent in English, Danish and Hebrew and can converse in Swedish.

Rom sends his greetings:

“I am very excited to join a company with such a strong commitment to improving people’s lives. Optinova’s fantastic people are pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality of advanced tubing solutions in healthcare and other mission-critical applications. Your mission is close to my heart”.

We warmly welcome Rom to Optinova!

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