Optinova’s FEP Lamp Coating Heat Shrink

Product News 08.02.2021

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Follow us on social media to get instant updates about Optinova and our offerings!

Optinova’s FEP lamp coating heat shrink solutions offer excellent shatter protection when breakage occurs. The FEP tubing prevents glass fragments and harmful substances, e.g. mercury, from leakage. FEP covered lamps are used in applications where process safety is highly important such as food production, healthcare services and recreational and sports events.

We offer a full shatterproof coating service, or you can coat your own lamps in-house. Our specialist lamp coating process guarantees that your lamps comply with the Fragment Retention Lamp Standard IEC/BS EN 61549.

Our FEP tubing can cover virtually all lamp configurations, including T5, T8, T12 and even LED lamps. Special dimensions and sizes can also be supplied upon customer request.

Key advantages:

  • IEC/BS EN 61549 compliant
  • Unaffected by UV light
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Flame rating: UL94 V-0
  • FEP materials: FDA or USP class VI approved
  • Food grade approvals: available upon request
  • No degradation or discoloration over time
  • Highly resistant to elevated heat and UV rays


  • Food processing facilities
  • Supermarkets and warehouses
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Electric fly and insect killers
  • Sport venues and lighting installation in swimming halls, aquarium or under water


FEP Lamp Coating Heat Shrink

Industrial Heat Shrink Solutions

Optinova’s heat shrink tubing solutions are the optimum method to offer a protective jacket for applications in extreme environments of heat, corrosion, shock and moisture.

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