Design for you

Our Nordic roots mean that we are easy to work with, but uncompromising on quality. We will work closely with you, listening to your needs and giving honest feedback on what we believe is, and is not, possible. Our expert staff can help with creative solutions to help meet your design needs; from polymer choices, information on tubing behaviour, lumen design, automated secondary operations and beyond. We are here to help you succeed.

Get in touch with our global sales offices to learn more about our world-class extrusion services.

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Customizable tubing solutions

Get in touch with our global sales offices to learn more about our world-class extrusion services.

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"A customer came to us with a design problem based on clinical feedback in an existing product. We worked through some potential design changes with them and they were very happy with one of the suggestions that required extrusion and three different secondary operations. Given their extremely demanding time-to-market requirements, we designed a manufacturing solution where we could go from manual tools for the low-volume validation phase, to a semi-automatic initial production phase before introducing a fully automated high-volume solution within 12 months. This is a perfect example of the strength of our combined competence portfolio."

Andreas Perjus

CTO, Optinova Group

Discussion in cleanroom meeting room

Design services

Our design services are based on your needs. We keep design for manufacturing in mind, and are quality and compliance assured. With an Agile mindset, we provide design services in two different ways:

  • Prototyping, co-creation of solutions in an iterative process or supply of sample kits
  • Custom design projects, from idea or specification all the way to high-volume production
Optinova Technology Competencies


  • Polymer material knowledge, testing and analysis
  • Extrusion processes and tooling design / manufacture
  • Customized equipment, automation, robots, design engineering
  • Quality and compliance management
  • Agile development process

"With a full-stack competence set, we can develop not only market solutions, but also customized value-adding products which will give you an advantage on the market at a very competitive pricing/quality ratio."

Dan Andersson

Head of Optinova Innovation Center