Executive Management

Optinova appointed Rom Mendel as new CEO

Rom Mendel


Optinova Group

Optinova_Group_Boye Allan43

Allan Boye


Optinova Group

Optinova_Group_Perjus Andreas59

Andreas Perjus


Optinova Group

Optinova_Group_Forsgård Daniela99_180 klar

Daniela Forsgård


Optinova Group

Business Line Management

Optinova_Group_Jokinen Richard18

Richard Jokinen

VP, Business Line Medical

Optinova Group

Optinova_Group_Komp Oliver86

Oliver Komp

VP, Business Line Industrial

Optinova Group

Board of Directors


Rebecka Eriksson

Chairman of the Board, Owner

Optinova Group

Optinova_Group_Remmer Andreas68

Andreas Remmer

Board Member

Optinova Group


Louise Nicolin

Board Member

Optinova Group


Martin Grauers

Board Member

Optinova Group

Leadership Principles

Optinova Agility Leadership Principle


Our commitment to foster an agile organization is what sets us apart and enables our success. We boost productivity by empowering our employees to take ownership of their work. We nurture creativity by challenging our employees to be bold with their ideas. And most importantly, we enhance wellbeing by always having trust in our employees.

Optinova Group Global Leaders 2022-1


At Optinova, we see diversity as a competitive advantage. We strive to be inclusive with respect to gender, age, nationality, culture and experience. Diversity is fun and enriching especially in a global organization where the understanding of cultural differences is essential.