The history of Optinova

Optinova has a long history, but we consider it only the beginning of a journey. We are still a teenager at heart, aiming high and building something that goes far beyond our imagination. We don't know exactly what it is, probably never will, but we know it will make the world a better place.

1978 Godby Factory

Decades of Advanced Tubing

2020 Opening Hall 7 (2 000 square meters of cleanroom) in Godby, Finland and acquiring new plant in Pennsylvania, US
2020 2019
2019 Sold two plants in Minneapolis, USA
2018 Finalized the transition to one Optinova brand
2018 2017
2017 Opened sales office in Bangkok, Thailand
2015 Acquired Scantube, extended the industrial tubing capabilities
2015 2013
2013 Opened second plant in Minneapolis, USA
2011 Acquired Medicin Lake Extrusion in Minneapolis, USA
2011 2002
2002 Opened Hall 6 (300 square meters of cleanroom) in Godby, Finland
2000 Established Optinova Americas, Inc. in Danbury, USA
2000 1998
1998 Opened sales office in Shanghai, China
1995 Shifted 100% focus to medical tubing
1995 1992
1992 Acquired by Eriksson Capital
1990 Renamed the company to Optinova
1990 1985
1985 Extended the use of plastic materials
1982 Opened the first cleanroom
1982 1971
1971 Founded Godby Plast by Habia of Sweden